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Matter - House of Craft

In 2019, Sarah (Oh Oak) and Maj-Britt (Zelmer Olsen Glass) took over the old shipyard at Nexø harbour. The two artisans, who both graduated from the Royal Academy, had previously shared a workshop since 2015. They took over the 600 squaremeter hall, with plans for an extensive redevelopment that would turn the large building into a modern production site, while at the same time serving as a shop, exhibition space and center for handicrafts.
The building, which had previously been used for repair and storage of the port's ships, was one large open space with plenty of both squaremeters and opportunities. But it was also an empty hall without a single window or partition, so it took a lot of planning and a lot of work to create a place that could accommodate so many ideas and functions under one roof. In March 2021 Matter - House of Craft opened. Today, the house contains a shop and gallery, as well as the two artisans' workshops, where glass and ceramics are produced daily. Both artisans produce items for both private customers and for several hotels, coffee bars and Michelin restaurants. In the house, they also produce artwork and pieces for exhibitions.
Matter - House of Craft serves as a hub for handicrafts, showcasing and selling items crafted by various artisans in its shop, including jewelry, textiles, wood etc. The establishment also hosts a variety of events, such as concerts, dinners and talks, and functions as an art gallery featuring both in-house and externally curated exhibitions. One of Matter's concepts is to provide a natural launching pad for students and recent graduates from the Royal Academy in Nexø. Since the beginning, Matter has fostered a synergetic environment, with students and graduates finding employment in the studios and shop and actively participating in diverse exhibitions. Welcome to Matter - House of Craft