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Collaboration: Prolog

In search of the perfect cup of coffee.
In search of the best possible coffee experience, the Copenhagen based coffee shop Prolog and Oh Oak joined forces to design a coffee cup that would celebrate the love for coffee. Coffee geeks and ceramic fans, Sebastian and Jonas, owners and founders of Prolog asked Sarah if she would join them in their mission, and the development of the first cup began with almost a year of glaze and shape testing, talks and tastings. The result was the original Oh Oak x Prolog cup, a wheel thrown cup with a slightly closing lip, to sustain the aromas of the freshly brewed coffee for as long as possible, while still being functional and pleasant to drink from.
The cup is made with the distinct reactive crater glaze on the outside, lined with a transparent glossy glaze. The special bubbling glaze is not only the signature of the cup, it also carries the function of protecting your hands from the hot liquid when you drink your coffee and is inspired by the moss that grows on the coast line cliffs on Bornholm, where it is made. From the first batch, the response has been extraordinarily positive and our production facilities have not been able to keep up with the interest. As a consequence to this, the cups are unfortunately usually hard to get a hold of. 
The Oh Oak studio in Nexø operates a small production, and consists of a limited space and number of hands to produce the range of products we carry. Therefore all Oh Oak products have a limitation on volume. In our pursuit to run a responsible production, our handmade, small-scale approach guarantees relevant, high-quality and long-lasting products only. We encourage buying less and buying smart. This is another dedication we share with Prolog. Since the first cups, the collaboration has developed with more ceramic products for the coffee shop. The Uji collection is another result from the Prolog collaboration and right now we are working on something very exciting and different, launching in spring 2024.
Collaboration: PrologMeet Sebastian, Jonas and Muri